STENI ® Engineered Stone Rainscreen Panels are both beautiful and strong. STENI panels offer flexibility, unparalleled longevity, and an unmatched 60-year warranty.

STENI Color, Nature Aggregate, and Vision Rainscreen Panels open a world of possibilities in the creative process. Combine color, texture, gloss, and patterns to give a building design a truly unique identity.

• Industry-leading 60-year Warranty.
• Three styles: Nature, Vision and Color
• Wide range of formats, 47.75” wide and custom lengths up to 11’ 5” long.
• Curved and corner elements offer a wide variety of design options and produce continuous transitions.
• Easy to install. Mounted on a ventilated façade system, glued or fastened, panels can be installed any time of year, regardless of weather.
• A wide range of support services for logistics and installation, including custom sizes and predrilled panels.
• Impact-resistant and 100% waterproof. Panels can withstand extreme temperatures.
• Best environmental classification. Panels have a very small carbon footprint, generating between ~30 lbs to 37 lbs of CO2. Panels can be recycled at the end of their productive life and are inert, with no off-gassing.
• Environmentally sound packaging for shipments to construction sites.


Details and Downloads
yellow and orange building
yellow and orange building
blue building with decals
black siding with compass design
airplane in front of dark building
Colorful sided buildings
orange red and yellow building
brown siding and glass windows
dark stone siding

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