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Innovative Architectural Products™ has strategic partnerships with some of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. Our partners focus on designing innovative, sustainable, high performing, durable products for exterior facades, interior walls, floors, decking and roofing applications. We’ve secured these relationships based on a strong understanding of our client’s needs, architectural trends and a commitment to provide exceptional support every step of the way.

We’re proud to partner with the following manufacturers and represent their products:

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MaxLife Industries, maker of ArmorWall™ interior/exterior wall sheathing is a UL Classified and tested, high strength, fire resistant insulated wall sheathing product, commonly referred to as an SIS (structural insulated sheathing) panel. Combining the best traits of Magnesium Oxide (Mg0), portland cement board, and polyurethane insulation. MaxLife’s technology fuses a structural element to the exterior face of their infused insulation layer which modernizes the installation of commercial and residential wall assemblies. This innovation allows the designer to reimplement legacy design or frees them to wider creativity while maintaining wall construction speed, efficiency, and code compliance. Through rigorous testing and using many common finish elements in the industry including Stucco, Metal Wall Panels, Brick, and the like, MaxLife is able to bridge the gap commonly found in keeping with continuous insulation (ci) compliance.

LOGO_DIZALDizal Building Photo

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Elemex_Logo_Full Color_ReversedElemex Building Photo

Elemex® offers the architectural industry extensive design possibilities with code compliant façade systems that are tested on their proprietary Unity® integrated pressure-equalized rain-screen attachment system. With the ability to integrate Alumintex® aluminum plate and composite, Ceramitex™.sintered ceramic high-strength, durable, large format panels and Stonitex, made from 100% natural North American quarried stone.

imarsa logoIMARSA Building Photo

IMARSA™ specializes in engineering and production of innovative aluminium, steel, brass, zinc, copper or titanium surfaces, providing comprehensive solutions for singular façades all over the world. They are able to create shapes or represent images in the metal. This allows you to integrate your identity into facades or any surface, and make every application unique and personalized.

Millennium Forms-LogoMillennium Forms Building Photo

Millennium Forms™ located in Elkhorn, Wisconsin is the only producer in North America of Light Interference Color (LIC) stainless steel products. The clear oxide layer acts like a prism refracting light and creating various colors. LIC provides an organic and natural variation unlike the uniform static color of paint. They also offer ZALMAG®, “the solution to zinc.” Both products are available in tiles or multiple sized panels for facade, interior and roofing applications.

OMBRAE LOGOOmbrae Building Photo

Ombrae™ offered by Keith Panel Systems from Vancouver, BC in partnership with renowned artist and inventor Roderick Quin is a system capable of creating complex, photorealistic imagery by controlling the reflective qualities of a metal surface through the use of 3D Optical Tiles™ formed into the face of the material.

Parklex LOGOParklex Building Photo

Parklex® manufactured in Spain, offers true and natural wood composite architectural products without the maintenance and upkeep of real wood. Its strength and durability make it an ideal solution for rainscreen facade cladding, interior walls, high traffic floors, acoustical spaces and outdoor decking.

Swisspearl_LogoSwisspearl Building Photo

Swisspearl® has manufactured high density fiber cement panels in Switzerland for more than 100 years with Swiss innovation and technology. Swisspearl panels are low maintenance with proven, tested aging behavior performance. Available in small, medium, large, perforated and custom formats for facade, interior walls, acoustical and solar shades. There are 83 standard colors, in addition to custom color options.

Terreal North-America-logoTerreal Building Photo

Terreal North America is a premier manufacturer of innovative and timeless terracotta solutions for the building envelope. The natural beauty of the earth is expressed throughout the terracotta cladding and sun screen product offerings; while providing enhancements to thermal and sola performance of the building. The longevity of the terracotta materials can be tailored to meet the aesthetic aspirations of your project with respect to size, texture, color, and application.

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