Millennium Forms™

Millennium Forms™ is a custom sheet metal fabricator specializing in color innovation and architectural impact. We offer metal tiles, panels and flashing in prefabricated and custom dimensions. We currently produce a wide range or unique colors in Stainless Steel (LIC) and ZALMAG®.

Light Interference Color (LIC) is an electro chemical process to color stainless steel without the use of dyes or pigments. Our proprietary LIC process grows a chrome oxide (chromate) layer on the stainless steel resulting ina prism, which reveals the changing color that we can see on the surface of the metal. Each color is available in a range giving stainless steel a brilliant, unique loo. The color you see if dependent on the environment and light, weather, and angle in which you observe.

ZALMAG® is a highly corrosion-resistant hot dop coated steel that has a coating layer of Zinc, Aluminum, and Magnesium. Additional, ZALMAG® has superior scratch resistance with unique self-healing characteristics that make it the perfect material for perforating, and great solution for all environments. ZALMAG® is an ever-changing finish that will patina depending on the temperature, humidity, and alkalinity of your location.


Cerner building with brown color scheme siding
Copper colored building Oberlin
Eastend Building on city corner
Rutgers Library
Trapp Farm gray and wood siding
building with purple, blue, and pink reflective tiles
Credit union building with a cylindrical tower
building with long glass panel windows
building with blue, green, and yellow iridescent tiles.
building with silver tiles and dark wood accents
williams park metal exterior
Tall angular building covered in bright reflective panels of all colors

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