About Us

Our Collaborative Approach

We work with clients to assess their architectural product needs, provide design ideas and budget recommendations. We have strong partnerships with our manufacturers that transcend into a solid understanding of required features for the products we represent including; code compliance, sustainability, performance criteria and costs. Our collaborative approach with owners, architects, general contractors, installers, as well as manufactures ensures we provide the right solutions that deliver measurable results, every time.

A New Way of Working Together

Innovative Architectural Products is creating a new way to work together. Our goal is to deliver value throughout every step of the process – from the drawing table to the grand opening. We will take the time to understand your project, design goals, construction timeframe and truly become a member of your extended team.

We provide a full service project management process because we believe service is the differentiator, the most important aspect of our business and your experience!

We understand that during the pre-construction, design and development process it’s crucial for architects and owners to identify the right products for the project environment. Our team will ensure the timeline, budget and installation meet your construction goals and requirements. That’s why we believe that a full service project management process is required.

Phase 1

Pre-design meetings to discuss design goals, budget and timeline to ensure proper solutions are recommended.

 Phase 2

Product samples, selection and assembly.

Phase 3

Bidding, proper quotation and transparency in pricing.

Phase 4

Installation, in-person or online training and on-going support.

Phase 5

Warranty/Maintenance of the product.

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